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In cricket, only IPL gives out this fairplay award. Players do not care much about these awards and are more focussed on winning the IPL than this side award. So this award has very less significance and is basically to get sponsorship more than anything else. Well fair play award is an annual cricket award, it is given the team with best record of fair play in each season of the IPL. The winner is decided on the basis of the points, the umpire give to the team. A team can be awarded a maximum of 10 points.If you’re playing in a tournament, or for money, or for some other stakes, then fine…play it out. Or if you’re up 45 seconds in a bullet game, play it out. But in an unrated game, if you are down on time, AND down a Queen, AND the position is dead, with no possibility of a tactic…then RESIGN. Not doing so shows an utter lack of respect not only for your opponent, but for the game of chess itself. In these situations I usually try to recreate the opening position (by promoting pawns to Knight, Bishops, Rooks, etc.) against the opponent’s bare king. It’s an attempt to shame the opponent into resigning. It never works. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date. You can play your friends or other Daily Chess users from all over the world, and manage it all from a single screen. All your current games are listed - and you are informed of when you need to make a move.